Monday 22 Feburary 2016

Der Hauptmann von Köpenick / The Captain from Köpenick

Classic comedy directed by Helmut Käutner with Heinz Rühmann, Martin Held, Hannelore Schroth (Germany 1956, 93 min) 

A cobbler looses his identity card, which is required to get work, and his replacement appeal is dismissed by snobbish officials because he has replacement appeal is dismissed by snobbish officials because he has served time in prison. After stealing a secondhand officer's uniform and using his familiarity with command from prison, he plays upon the public fascination for rank and the military to get his card...


Monday 21 March 2016

Mahler auf der Couch / Mahler on the couch 

Biographical Drama directed by Felix & Percy Adlon, with Johannes Silberschneider, Barbara Romaner, Karl Markovics (Germany, 2010, 98 min) 

Alma Mahler's affair with the young architect Walter Gropius sets in motion a  marital drama that forces her husband Gustav Mahler to seek advice from Sigmund Freud.


Monday 25 April 2016

open doors 5 pm - starts at 5:30pm

Sputnik / Mission: Sputnik

Family movie directed by Markus Dietrich & Pavel Strnad, with Flora Thiemann, Finn Fiebig, Luca Johannsen (Germany 2013, 90 min)

The day the Berlin Wall came down, a 10-year-old girl and her friends attempt to use their teleportation device to beam her uncle back to East Germany but instead, as they witness on TV, end up beaming everyone in their town into West Germany! They have to race against time to undo the experiment before nasty border guards open fire. (source:


Monday 23 May 2016

Blutgletscher / Blood Glacier

Horror movie directed by Marvin Kren with Gerhard Liebmann, Edita Malovcic (Germany 2013, 98 mins)

Scientists discover that a red liquid leaking from a nearby glacier contains organisms that turn living hosts into deadly mutants… (source:


Monday 27 June 2016

Die Unsichtbare / Cracks in the shell

Drama directed by Christian Schwochow with Stine Fischer Christensen, Ulrich Noetthen, Dagmar Manzel (German 2012, 118 min) 

After landing the lead role in a play, a drama student adopts the aggressive traits of her character.


Monday 25 July 2016

More than Honey

Documentary by Markus Imhoof, with Fred Jaggi, Randolf Menze, John Miller (Germany 2012, 95 min)

An in-depth look at honeybee colonies in California, Switzerland, China and Australia (source:


Monday 22 August 2016

Nordwand / North Face

Historical Drama directed by Pilipp Stölzl, with Benno Fürmann, Florian Lukas, Johanna Wokalek (Germany 2008, 126 min)

Based on a true story, North Face is a suspenseful adventure film about a competition to climb the most dangerous rock face in the Alps. Set in 1936, as Nazi propaganda urges the nation's Alpinists to conquer the unclimbed north face of the Swiss massif - the Eiger - two reluctant German climbers begin their daring ascent (source:


Monday 26 September 2016

open doors 5:30 - film starts 6pm

Die andere Heimat / Home from Home

Historical Drama directed by Edgar Reitz, with Jan Dieter Schneider, Antonia Bill, Maximilian Scheidt (Germany 2013, 231 min).

Set in the mid-nineteenth century, this latest installment in the decades-spanning Heimat series chronicles the quests of two Hunsrück families to escape poverty and famine by forging a new life in Brazil.


Monday 24 October 2016

Eltern / Parents

Comedy directed by Robert Thalheim with Charly Hübner and Christiane Paul (Germany 2013, 90 min)

A married couple with two children discover the difficulties of balancing family and careers. Things escalate when an au-pair is hired so stay-at-home dad can return to work...


Monday 28 November 2016

Das Weisse Band / The White Ribbon

Mystery Drama directed by Michael Heneke with Christian Friedel, Ernst Jacobi, Leonie Benesch (USA 2010, 144 min)

Strange events happen in a small village in the north of Germany during the years before World War I, which seem to be ritual punishment. Who is responsible? (source:


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